Emma Hardy
Violins, accessories and repairs




The violin family of instruments allow a musician so express themselves in a way that only the most talented human voice can truly exceed. In order to allow your violin to speak for you, a violin, cello or viola must be properly set up and well matched to your needs.

Many people begin on poorly made or poorly set up violins, with the belief that they or their child needn’t worry too much about the instrument they’re using as they are ‘only a beginner’. I disagree with this approach as a poorly suited instrument can detract from the player progressing and in many cases lead them to quit, believing their percieved lack of skills to be the problem, when in reality their instrument was the obsticle. You can read more about this here.

I understand that not everyone has a large budget to work with, so my passion is helping each individual find the right approach for them. Whether that’s through adjusting, restoring or repairing an existing instrumnet, arranging a rental or sourcing a brand new violin.

Please do get in touch with any enquiry, no matter how small you believe it to be.


About Emma

I currently work part time as the small repairs and set ups luthier for Les Aldrich Music in Muswell Hill, London. You can visit me in the shop or contact me directly for your repair needs.

In 2018 I became a committee member of the British Violin Making Association, my responsibilities lie primarily as their web and print coordinator. Prior to beginning training as a violin maker and repairer at Merton College, London, I worked as a book cover designer and typsetter where I learnt the joys of paying attention to small details, even those that others may never notice, which has translated into my approach to violin making and repair.

In 2018 I was awarded an RAB grant to enable work on a project to increase my learning about Carleen Hutchins' methods and acoustical theories, with the aim of completing a copy of her treble violin model. The project is ongoing.