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Instrument Rental and Sales

All violins available through me have been thoroughly checked over and set up.
Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to request rental of an instrument after viewing the rental agreement below:

Unsure what size your child needs? Ask their teacher, or learn how to measure them by clicking here


Rental Violins and Violas

These instruments are properly set up in my workshop with upgraded strings, lubricated pegs and correct bridge height.
Please allow up to three days for your order to be prepared.

The violins used for my main rental fleet are made with good quality tone wood and ebony fingerboards. Once the instruments have been appropriately set up in my workshop, your child will have a good quality student instrument to begin their musical journey with.

Once the instrument is ready you will be notified and collection can be arranged from my home workshop or if your child attends one of my partner schools, the instrument can then be collected from your child’s school.

Rental request form

After submitting the form, you will be sent a confirmation and directed to GoCardless, a secure direct debit payment provider.

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If you are uncertain what size your child requires, please refer to my 'instrument sizing' page under resources, or ask your child's music teacher.
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